Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 2: Tuesday...BUDGET BLOWN!!

Good morning all, I'm posting in the morning because our internet was out last night.  As you have noticed by the title, I've already blown my budget, but it is for something that I feel is worth it.  I started the week with $38.30 to spend, and bought an A&G blaster at Wal-Mart, leaving me with $18.31.  Well, I have committed this morning to a $45 Topps Lineage case break over at Nachos Grande, leaving me at -$26.69, or almost one week in the hole. 

I do feel though that this is a good thing, hopefully I will get lucky and pull some good cards out of the 2 box rip, plus as I mention in my header I'm still getting back into the hobby on a regular basis, and building relationships with other bloggers is something that is definitely on my to do list.

More on this later tonight, and in the days to come as I found out how I did.



  1. Despite my blog's focus, I've decided I'm never getting back even. I do pretty well when I only buy products that I've pinpointed for the site, but there's just too much out there to resist. I've convinced myself I'm going to pull a FDR cut auto or something eventually and recoup everything though haha.

  2. I hear that, it's tough and over the years I've bought a lot of stuff that I never should have touched. Thanks for following, I'll be keeping an eye on your blog as well...

    P.S. Good Luck on getting the FDR auto!!