Monday, August 29, 2011

Trade post...bonus received today from Bench member SGBT4

Good evening all, if you're reading this then you've survived your Monday as I did.  Pretty much all the trade posts that I've made so far have been via trades and generosity of fellow bloggers.  Lately, I've made a few trades on the Bench website, and today I received a package that was worthy of some of my fellow bloggers in generosity.  Member ID SGBT4 on the Bench is Scott from Wisconsin, and in our original trade I had sent him some A&G inserts in return for some A&G base cards that I needed.  Well, imagine my surprise when I arrived home this evening and opened his package up....I got a few extra bonuses in there...

First was another diamond parallel ( a common, but I'm 1 closer to the set now ), plus 30 Jays cards!  I haven't cataloged them yet, but I do believe that I don't have any of them in the collection, so of course they are most welcome!  See the scan below, there are a couple of really nice Joe Carter cards that I had never seen before...

The card on the upper left of the scan is from a set that before today I had never seen before, 1996 Aficionado, from Pinnacle.  These are great looking cards, the picture on the left of the card feels kind of "gritty", almost like fine sand.  The upper right card is from 1996 Sportflix, again another set that I had never seen a card of before today.  The 3D effect is really cool, and another thing that I like, which is difficult to see in the scan, is that the 2nd image is of Joe Carter signing something for a fan.  (this might be an idea for a topical set for me to chase, cards of players that are signing something for fans).

The bottom 2 cards are from Fleer Tradition, a team photo, well just because...and David Wells' card was scanned because I liked the Jays logo they had then.  A lot of Jays fans prefer the original logo with the baseball in the background, but I really do like the Blue Jay without the ball...for me a little more realistic. 

I have two more envelopes to go (got 5 today in the mail, a record), both from bloggers whom I will post about in the next day or two.

As always, thanks for reading....Robert

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