Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday random thoughts about .....stuff

Good evening all, glad to see you made it through your Thursday.  Just some random thoughts that creep into my head (some good, some well....kinda scary) that I'd thought I would share with the blogosphere.

  • I had the recent pleasure of becoming acquainted via email with another blogger, Napkin Doon.  Very nice and pleasant to converse with, but I'll tell you this.  I thought that I had quite a few sets on the go right now, but Napkin....well let's just say Napkin leaves me in the dust, WAY back in the dust.  Don't believe me, see this post.  (BTW Napkin, congrats on the 200th post, keep up the good work!!)
  • For some crazy reason, anytime I read or hear someone mention the Topps set Gypsy Queen, I start singing this song.   Also, when I see the initials "GQ" used to refer to this set, the magazine comes to mind, not the cards.  Just another reason that I am still far behind the times as collecting goes.
  • I bitch and moan all winter, can't wait for summer, can't wait for summer.  This summer has been the hottest and nicest that I have enjoyed in 15 years, and what am I obsessing most about right now??  The start of hockey season.....
  • Bloggers have a lot of power in today's card collecting world. I will admit, I read a lot of blogs as often as I can now, and I enjoy them all.   Their opinions make us laugh, educate us, make us think.  I am making a vow today that going forward, I will treat blogs as what they really are, editorials & personal opinions.  I don't have to agree with them, I don't have to preach what they say as the gospel.  I am going to like sets for the reasons that I like them, not because of reasons that others do (or don't).
  • For the life of me, I cannot remember a pitcher for the Jays by the name of Goose Gozzo.  I thought when I received this card this week that someone was having fun with me, until I looked here and saw that he's real.

Yes, he's real
Hopefully my little bit of lunacy didn't make your eyes roll too far back into your head.   Have a great Friday all!!     thanks for reading,  Robert

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