Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heritage hobby box break...packs 19-24

Final 6 packs everyone, including the promised hit that the box brings.   Here we go!

Pack 19:

98. Minnesota Twins team card
155. Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy)
227. Cliff Lee
233. World Series Game 2
266. Jose Ceda
361. Randy Wolf
384. Oakland Athletics team card

Drum roll please............................the hit arrives!!

Dirty David

I do not believe that I have ever seen a game used card that actually had dirt on the jersey.  The scan actually doesn't do the dirt portion justice, there are some nice dark brown spots in the lower left hand corner.  For me, this was really cool.  I'm torn about whether I should keep the card or trade it, because I'm sure that there are David Wright collectors out there who might enjoy this card.

Pack 20:

50. Albert Pujols
62. Brandon Inge
78. Matt LaPorta
191. Ryan Dempster
217. Don Mattingly
219. Jeremy Hellickson RC
256. Ruben Tejada
329. Yovanni Gallardo
337. Adam Laroche

Pack 21:

82. Kevin Kouzmanoff
92. Armando Galarraga (still was a crime what happened to him last year)
125. Vladimir Guerrero
161. Bobby Jenks
202. Corey Hart (does not wear his sunglasses at night)
341. Lorenzo Cain
385. Mark Buehrle
409. Pittsburgh Pirates team card
417. Lucas May RC

Pack 22:

7. Carlos Beltran
56. NL ERA Leaders
89. Jake Peavy
135. Babe as a boy (I really do like this idea of Babe Ruth subsets, I hope they continue this with other great players, such as Gehrig, Aaron, etc. )
290. Ty Wigginton
307. Jair Jurrjens
381. Orlando Cabrera
424. Leo Nunez
428. Josh Willingham SP

Pack 23:

80. Jay Bruce
111. Brad Lidge
119. Scott Cousins
146. Placido Polanco
158. Atlanta Braves team card
207. C.J. Wilson
356. Jose Bautista
380. Tim Hudson
451. Ben Revere SP

Pack 24: (last one!)

12. Brad Mills
53. AL HR leaders
105. Max Scherzer
222. Franklin Gutierrez
223. Ryan Theriot
251. Texas Rangers team card
328. Raul Ibanez
342. Zack Greinke

and the final card, a News flash backs insert: NF-5 Navy Seals are activated

All in all not a bad box, 8 high number SP cards, along with 2 Jackie Robinson SPs, a cool David Wright dirty relic card, a few inserts and some chrome cards to boot.  All the inserts and chromes are up for trade, and I'm willing to listen to any offers about the Wright card.  I also have quite a few doubles if anyone needs to finish their sets, take a quick look at the baseball for trade tab and see what you can find.

Thanks for reading, Robert...


  1. I'm so down to trade for Wright if you decide to move him!

  2. Nice Wright relic. It's not often you see a card with grass or dirt stains!

  3. I was gonna contact you about some Blue Jays cards I could send your way for some cards off your tradelist, but I'd love a shot at the Wright too. I've got a 2003-04 Upper Deck Classic Portraits Classic Stitches GU card of Ed Belfour on the Leafs. If not, I'd love to talk about a trade anyway. steven dot drennen at gmail dot com

  4. That is really cool with the dirt. I've never seen one like that either.

    BTW, I sent your cards out this afternoon.