Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cards in the mail...trades & ebay

Didn't have time to post last night, had to get to work early today (up at 415...yikes).  Just wanted to follow through and thank Chris at Nachos Grande for the trade.  I'm 25 cards closer now to my 11 Topps complete set.  LOL, wife and I were looking through the cards yesterday when I received them and found what may be the most ridiculous uniform on a card I've ever seen (my apologies to Oakland A's fans who may read this)...

Please, somebody tell me what they were thinking??

Also, I received another 9 card diamond parallel lot from an eBay auction I won last week...see below

Still have a long way to go to put that set together...

Haven't spent any money since the other day on still at $21.70 for the week, and likely will carry the extra $8.30 to next weeks $30.

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