Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bowman Platinum...meh

Made a trip to Wal Mart today...stopped in the card aisle and decided to pick up a couple of rack packs of Bowman Platinum.  I fail to see the excitement with these cards.  I just cannot fathom spending $3 a pack for 4 cards, so I will not continue to purchase any of these.  The biggest laugh I got out of these packs was reading card BPP97, Carlos Perez.  The card front says he's in the Blue Jays system, so naturally he's one to add to the LTP list, and it shows someone (I'm not sure who it is) in their catchers gear.  I flip to the back, and it reads "Perez needed only six starts at Danville in 2010 to prove he was primed for a new challenge, going 2-0 with a 1.12 ERA before being promoted to Rome."  Also, the back says that he touches 94 mph, and he compares to Cardinals pitcher Jaime Garcia.  Love it, a total screw up of a card, pretty cool that Bowman is now measuring catchers ERA!!

Oh, and another reason that I'm meh about this set...check out my luck with the purple parallels you get...

2 cards with doubles...gotta love it...

even the parallels for me aren't exciting

LOL maybe I'm in a bit of a mood this evening, but these cards just don't do it for me.  They're all up for trade if anyone wants them.  Just comment or send me an email

Thanks for reading, Robert...


  1. Well if you think Bowman Platinum 2011 is "Meh", then I'd hate to see your opinion of last years set. Both are unnecessary sets in my opinion.

  2. This year's Bowman Platinum effort is far better than last year's set, but I'm not super impressed either enough to buy more than the initial rack pack.

  3. Carlos Perez is a pitcher in the Braves minor league system... not sure who the heck is in catcher's gear... I haven't seen the card yet.

  4. Did you get any Dodgers from this set? Let me know and maybe we can get a trade going.

  5. I'd love to get one of those Billy Hamiltons and the Jose Reyes. I'll check in via e-mail.