Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A blast from the past...2002 Upper Deck Vintage

Thought I'd showcase another set that I nearly put together when it first came out, however like many others I collected back then, I never finished it and put the cards away with all the others.  The 2002 Upper Deck Vintage set was in it's 2nd year of existence, and still failed to measure up to the amazing success of the Topps Heritage brand.  However, there were collectors like me who at the time couldn't afford to buy boxes of Heritage, and thus Vintage was a cheaper alternative. 

The black bordered design was kind of cool though, which mimicked the 1971 Topps Design almost perfectly.  To the left here are a couple of the Blue Jays photos that I liked.  The team checklist card features Carlos Delgado about to bowl over a catcher from what appears to be the Devil Rays (if I'm making out the logo on his arm correctly).  On the bottom is Shannon Stewart signing some baseballs for fans, not too often you see that depicted on cards anymore. 

The set size was also very attainable, only 300 cards to complete the set, compared to Topps Heritage which was 440 and included several short prints.

Speaking of this set, I am adding it to my want list, since I am only 24 cards away.  Any one out there have the following?


contact me at rmitchell6700ATyahooDOTcom if you do, hopefully we'll be able to work out something...thanks,


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  2. Hello Sir,

    I apologize for posting this here but I couldn't find your e-mail for some reason.

    I have 19 cards set aside for you. Please let me know if you still need them and I'll get them out the next day. (

    Here's what I have:

    2011 A&G
    53, 77, 114, 285, 297

    2011 Topps Base
    51, 63, 98, 154, 191, 220, 268, (322 - diamond parallel), 566, 574, 579

    2010 Topps Base
    189, 284, 303